History of IHLIA – 2014

IHLIA introduces a new corporate identity and website

History of IHLIA – 2013

- Unfortunately, the Anna Blaman House had to close its doors. The collection was moved to IHLIA Amsterdam.

- IHLIA books and grey literature were included in the Dutch Central Catalogue (NCC) and Worldcat.

History of IHLIA – 2012

- The Anna Blaman House has been around for 30 years.

- A Pink Cabinet was placed in IHLIA Amsterdam. The Pink Cabinet includes books and films about LGBT topics. These books and films can […]

History of IHLIA – 2011

- Just like the Amsterdam branch, the ABH in Leeuwarden also moved to the Leeuwarden Public Library (OBL). The festive opening in September attracted more than 120 people

- A special exhibition, put together by IHLIA, De […]

History of IHLIA – 2010

- The year 2010 was all about Anna Blaman. She died in 1960 and played an important role for lesbian women in the period after the Second World War

- IHLIA employee Connie van Gils composes […]

History of IHLIA – 2009

- IHLIA experiences exciting times. Lack of clarity regarding the finances and with an eye on the future led us to work out the merger of the two offices in Amsterdam and Leeuwarden. There […]


Dyke encyclopedia was published


Company Pride Platform was established

History of IHLIA – 2007

- Opening of the exhibition Who Can I Still Trust in the Dutch Resistance Museum in Leeuwarden by Inge Diepman

- The ABH has been around for 25 years

- IHLIA Amsterdam moves to the OBA. Opening […]


- Publication of a piece about collected gay movement (editors COC and Movisie), named Policy Vision Gay-Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Policy

- Minister Ronald Plasterk presents the Memorandum Just Being Gay: lesbian and gay emancipation […]