The General Act on Equal Treatment was implemented. This act includes laws that protect citizens against discrimination on various grounds, including homosexuality

History of IHLIA – 1993

- Reception of the 10th anniversary of LAA. Beginning of annual presentation of the Lesbian Video Annual Overview

- Homodok creates a list of alerts and newspaper clippings

- Homodok and the Anna Blaman House decide to further develop […]

History of IHLIA – 1991

- In addition to Friday afternoons, Homodok starts to also open on Wednesday afternoons.

- The ABH places more emphasis on developing collections and opening these to the public and less on cultural activities. People start […]


First international conference about bisexuality in Amsterdam

History of IHLIA – 1990

LAA moves to 1e Helmersstraat

History of IHLIA – 1989

Homodok moves to the Spinhuis of the UvA, Oudezijds Achterburgwal 185


The exhibition Properly Wrong in the Amsterdam Historic Museum

History of IHLIA – 1988

- LAA 5th anniversary celebration in the Sleep-In. From the various monetary gifts, a new video camera is bought, among other things

- Homodok publishes the first version of a gay thesaurus, the Gaysaurus

- Homodok begins to […]


Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports (WVC), Elco Brinkman (CDA), published the first real bill regarding Government Policy and Homosexuality (PDF; in Dutch)

History of IHLIA – 1987

- The independent Documentation Center of Gay Studies is established. This becomes possible because the UvA agrees to finance the coordinator and the subsidy for the office and the collection

- Homodok acquires a Tulip PC […]