Opening of Homomonument (gay memorial) in Amsterdam on the Westermarkt


- First bill regarding Government Policy and Homosexuality (actually more of an inventory). Response to the COC bill from 1982. The gay emancipation policy actually began with the second Lubbers cabinet (1986-1989) when Minister of […]

History of IHLIA – 1985

LAA distributes a lesbian birthday calendar

History of IHLIA – 1984

LAA organizes an exhibition about writer Elisabeth (Betje) Wolff and Agatha (Aagje) Deken


Opening of the only gay, lesbian and bisexual bookshop named Vrolijk in Amsterdam (in a basement on Voetboog Street 7). In 1989, it moved to the Amsterdams Paleis Street

History of IHLIA – 1983

- On the 20th of March, the Lesbian Archive of Amsterdam (LAA) opens in a basement on Prinsengracht. The address is not made public, only the telephone number and postal box number

- The first LAA […]


Successful Pink Saturday in Leiden in response to the riots in Amersfoort. Broadly set up by Pink Front in collaboration with and the support of the municipality and police, with a protest, demonstration and […]

History of IHLIA – 1982

- On the 17th of April, the Lesbian Archive in Leeuwarden (LAL) is established, the predecessor of the Anna Blaman House. It is the first lesbian archive in the Netherlands. It is all pioneering work

- […]


- Lesbian archives established in various Dutch cities
- Pink Saturday in Amersfoort was marred by a violent confrontation with heterosexual youngsters

- Establishment of Tijgertje in Amsterdam, the oldest gay sports club of the Netherlands. It was established […]

History of IHLIA – 1981

- Maaike Meyer wrote an article in Lover, a magazine about feminism, culture and science, about her visit to the Lesbian Herstory Archives in New York. This article is what triggers the establishment of […]