IHLIA assists a lot of students with additional information for their doctoral or bachelor thesis.

When it is completed we find it important that your thesis will be included in our collection. Not only to know which subjects are being researched and the issues that are of interest with the students. But also to inspire the next generation of students so that it helps them with their own research.

Send your thesis after completion (PDF or Word) to thea@ihlia.nl and it will be included in our collection. This also applies to scientist whose research will be published.

A call for completing surveys for theses

If you are still working on a thesis and you need respondents, send an email to thea@ihlia.nl and we will place your call here.

Italy and LGBT tourism

I am an Italian student of the master degree course in Design of Sustainable Tourism Systems at the University of Florence. I have prepared this survey which is part of my thesis on the topic ‘LGBT tourism in Italy’. Your answers, which will be completely anonymous, represent a fundamental contribution for me to understand what the LGBT community thinks about Italy as a tourist destination.


Family links across borders

My name is Tanja Vuckovic Juros and I am a researcher at University of Louvain (UCL). I am leading a research project on different forms of families and on the family links people keep across borders and I would like to ask for your help in finding participants for my research. I am looking for people from certain CEE countries who are married to a same-sex partner or who are raising a child with a same-sex partner in Belgium or in the Netherlands. The countries in question are Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary.

Search engine

In our search engine you can search for theses in our archive. Typ a search term and find on the right side the possibility to filter the result under ‘appaearance’- in this case students’ papers.

In the four examples below we have already done this for you: