22 juni: QueerTalk #2 – Trans*Tapes: Broadening the narrative of what it means to be trans*

Last few years several stories of trans*people were brought to the attention of the general public. Sharing stories and gaining insight in the lives of trans*people is important for gaining knowledge and could potentially empower trans*people. But what if a trans*person does not feel represented by the offered narrative? This was the case for Bart Peters, Jonah Lamers en Chris Rijksen (see photo). They took action to make trans*people’s voice heard and created the Trans*Tapes

The Trans*Tapes is a series of six short portraits about transgender people in the Netherlands. While many narratives dealing with the topic ‘transgender’ tend to turn transgender people into subjects instead of humans, the Trans*Tapes focuses on strength, positivity and human resilience. The series broadens the narrative and reveals a more layered image of what it can mean to be transgender. In this second edition of QueerTalk, the audience will get the chance to see and hear more about the project.

Praktische informatie

Wanneer? Woensdag 22 juni
Hoe laat? 17:30 – 19.00 uur
Waar? Centrale OBA – Haasse/Vestdijkzaal (6e verdieping), Oosterdokskade 143
Toegang is gratis/Entry is free


Deze lezing is de derde in een reeks van drie die het Mosse Fonds en IHLIA gezamenlijk organiseren in de OBA. Daarnaast is dit de tweede QueerTalk

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