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‘A loud and colourful celebration of queer identity’


Logan Wenzel keek de negendelige webserie Queer Amsterdam

Queer Amsterdam captures the personalities of young queer adults and sheds light on their lives with attention to the obstacles they overcome. The YouTube series is set in Amsterdam, where LGBTQ+ freedom is at a forefront in comparison to the rest of the world.
In this progressive context, the series takes a closer look at the social dynamics within the LGBTQ+ community, their interpersonal understanding or lack thereof. By depicting issues such as biphobia amongst gay men, and feminism in the trans community, the comedy-drama encourages an enlightened narrative for intersectional conversations; conversations that are arguably necessary to strengthen mainstream queer representation.
Here, diverse identities of the modern queer world are given a stage in a refreshing and optimistic light.


The series follows Sam (Stefanie van Leersum), a trans man navigating his life alongside a vlogging career. His brother and aspirational drag queen, Jesse (Milan Sekeris), as well as passionate feminist Mira (Stacyian Jackson), make up the rest of the central cast.
The story follows these characters as they strive for authenticity in conflicting circumstances. After overhearing ignorant remarks about bisexuality in his workplace, Jesse is compelled to stand up for him self and embrace bisexuality. Drag becomes a vehicle of confidence for him and a language of understanding.
After romantic feelings spark between Sam and Mira, they both learn to question how much value they place on labels and look at their identities from new angles.
Queer Amsterdam tells moral tales of speaking, listening and understanding as a way to achieve happiness.  

Light-hearted and wholesome

What the YouTube show has managed to do is introduce a fresh and carefully thoughtout narrative for LGBTQ+ stories and prompt attention towards misunderstood and underrepresented identities, meanwhile using comedic relief and occasional drama to entertain.
The actors’ performances are thoughtful, lively and relatable. This makes the characters are likeable, and therefore easy to empathise with and understand.
The concise nine-episode format compliments the steady nuanced flow of the story. The overall tone of the series is light-hearted and wholesome. Although purely entertaining at first, the series inevitably conveys insightful knowledge for LGBTQ+ education.

Many faces

Overall, the series is commendable for its representation and visibility for the queer community. By emphasising the many faces of LGBTQ+ identity, it promotes the understanding of diferences. Even within this community, it is easy to get caught up in our diferences, but with respectful communication we can accommodate and learn so much from one another.
The show is a loud and colourful celebration of queer identity, one that raises the standard for future LGBTQ+ media.

Foto-credits: A Couple of Men.



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