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Continue telling as not to forget.” IHLIA began the Pink Life Stories project in 2012 together with the Osira Amstel group. Volunteers are trained to write down the life stories of older homosexuals.

Based on a number of meetings, the volunteers take the time to draw up the personal story of an older homosexual in a book form – supplemented with photos and other memorabilia. The story tellers ultimately decide themselves which parts of their life story will be included in the book. The story teller naturally gets a copy, as well as IHLIA and De Rietvinck, which include the book in their collection.

Individual and social struggle

It is very important to publish these life stories, because very few people are aware of the individual and social struggle carried out by older homosexuals, not to mention the feelings of these older homosexuals. In fact, there still is a group consisting of older gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders that feels vulnerable, isolated or lonely.

Although nowadays the acceptance of homosexuality has improved, don’t forget that these ‘pink’ elderly grew up under totally different circumstances. In a time when homosexuality was taboo and in a society that considered LGBTs to be sick or sinful. Each one of them had to find his/her own path without Internet or ways of searching for information.

Exceptional stories

The purpose of the project however is not only to tell these stories to current and future generations, but also to give the teller the opportunity – often for the first time – to tell his or her life story and to receive recognition for this. That is why the books are presented at various official gatherings and handed over to the story tellers.

By now, with the help of various subsidies and many volunteers, IHLIA has been able to create a beautiful book of 32 stories (only in Dutch).

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