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Searching in the collection? The reading lists make it easier

When encountering enormous quantities of information, you sometimes don’t know where to start looking. Or you might just want to have a quick glance at what IHLIA has in its collection about all sorts of subjects. Our reading lists contain the most recent titles of books about various aspects of homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism.

An accessible mix

Our selection of subjects is based on the most prevalent information searches in IHLIA. The reading lists are a good initial exploration into a particular subject and offer an accessible mix of popular academic papers. However, these reading lists offer no complete overview of all the publications in our database about certain topics. For this purpose, please consult the online catalogue on our website

Reading lists for books on the 3rd floor

At the IHLIA Plaza we have a practical tool to find books quickly about a certain theme in the (white) IHLIA book cabinets and in the Pink Cabinet (3rd floor). There are two folders available: a folder containing Reading Lists of books in Dutch and a folder containing Reading Lists of books in English.

These (black) folders are located on the two reclining book stands on the white IHLIA counter.

  • These folders are only available for inspection (peruse only)
  • These folders can be consulted during opening hours of OBA Oosterdok
  • These folders must be placed back after use.
  • NOTE: IHLIA doesn’t lend out the books!

The themes are:

1. Gender and sexuality

2. History (general)

3. Homosexuality

4. Bisexuality

5. Transgederism

6. Crossdressing and Drag

7. Attitudes and Opinion

8. Counseling

9. Coming Out

10. Relationship and Marriage

11. Parenthood and Children

12. Christianity

13. Islam

14. Judaism

15. Homosexuality in the Literature

16. Ethnic Groups

17. Homophobia and Violence

18. Youth and Education

19. Elderly and Aging

20. Traveling


Online reading lists

Also online IHLIA collected reading lists. These have different themes and you have to request the material which you like to peruse.

You can find the digital reading lists by clicking on one of the subjects below. Want to know how you can request an item from the collection? Read the instructions here. We will prepare the material for you within one working day (Monday to Thursday).

Overview of the available reading lists

Children and Parenting
Youth and coming out

Tips and additional sources

You will find more information in our timeline about Dutch gay/lesbian history. And did you know that we have a Pink Cabinet in the library? Here you will find books and films that you can borrow about LGBT themes. Another useful option is the links. They refer you to all sorts of national and international organizations and bodies, interesting websites and portals.

If you want more information about the subject or you cannot find what you are looking for, please visit us and we will be pleased to help you search.

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