Expositions for rent

It is also possible to rent the exhibits which you can see below.

All the expositions are in Dutch. Are you interested or do you have questions? Send an e-mail to gemma@ihlia.nl or call +31 (0)20-5230980.

We are Going to Marry

This photo exhibition was developed following the book We are Going to Marry by Tineke Lime and Corrie Rikkers. In 2002 this exposition was first seen in […]

Lesbian Postcards

Remember when we used to send each other postcards? FB, SMS and emails were not invented yet, so you went looking for the nicest, […]

Who can I still trust?

Being gay in Nazi Germany and occupied Netherlands

Based on individual fortunes, the exhibition Who Can I Still Trust (Wie kan ik nog vertrouwen? – site […]

Pink past

Homosexuality throughout all times

Jamai is one, Angelina Jolie is one, Sara Kroos is one, Paul de Leeuw is one, Claudia de Breij is one, […]

Oog voor vrouwen (Perspective on women)

In the 1980s and 1990s, photographer Marian Bakker had documented the joys and sorrows of lesbianism. Her work is a unique historic document that […]

Homo monument

On September 5, 1987 Amsterdam made history. At the foot of the Westerkerk (Western Church), a unique and impressive monument was unveiled to inspire […]

Open Up! LGBT history out of the closet

Open Up! is an IHLIA project about the history of LGBT emancipation and development, mainly in central, east and southeast Europe. It focuses on these […]