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The information on this website is compiled with care. Nevertheless, it might contain incomplete and/or incorrect information. IHLIA excludes any liability for direct or indirect damage of any nature that results from using this website, unless such damage occurs as the result of deliberate misconduct or negligence on the part of IHLIA.

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This website is a publication of IHLIA. The Archives Act, the 1912 Copyright Act, the Database Act and the Personal Data Protection Act are applicable to this site. IHLIA and/or other copyright owners of documents included in the website reserve all the rights to the database, metadata, illustrations and texts (‘content’). Duplicating the content with a clear purpose of publishing it or otherwise exploiting it commercially is not allowed without the permission of IHLIA and/or other copyright owners.

IHLIA has tried to retrieve all copyright owners of the reproduced document and illustrations in our archive, our Digital Library and our website. In as far as people believe they have copyright claims nevertheless, they can contact IHLIA.

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