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Support the work of IHLIA and become a Friend! The money that we collect is used for acquiring books and journals/magazines that IHLIA finds too expensive to buy on its own, and for supporting the organization financially in other ways.

You can become a friend by contributing € 35 per year. You will be invited a number of times during the year to various exclusive activities, such as guided tours and a look behind the scenes.

How to become a donor?

Becoming a donor is easy. Please fill in the form below and state your name, address, city, bank account number and mail address. You will receive a payment slip sent home. One-time donations are also welcome. NL28INGB0006930360

YES, I will become a Friend!


Sculpture Riek Stienstra

One of the activities in 2014 was a special gathering for the donors of Friends of IHLIA where officially a sculpture in memory of Riek Stienstra to IHLIA was transferred. The Friends of Schorer have donated this gift, which was unveiled on the IHLIA plaza and can be admired there from now on. Even though closing Schorer was a great loss, the sculpture has found its proper place at IHLIA. In its capacity as the ‘memory’ of the LGBT community, IHLIA can keep alive the significance of Riek Stienstra’s work and at the same time, inspire everyone who fights for equal rights and egalitarian treatment.


During the gathering, Josée Rothuizen gave a lecture (in Dutch). She was a friend and colleague of Riek Stienstra during the period in which Riek was the director of the Schorer Foundation. Afterwards, she unveiled the sculpture.


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