Timeline Dutch lgbti history

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November 2007

From shoebox to Gaysaurus

In 1978, Homodok was established. Initially, idealistic and somewhat amateurishly, but it professionalized rapidly. Jack van der Wel, the very first volunteer and nowadays Director of the Collection & Information Services, looks back at [...]

November 2006

History of IHLIA – 2006

- Ayaan Hirsi Ali opens the exhibition Who Can I Still Trust in the Camp Westerbork Memorial Center. Later that year, the exhibition moves to the Dutch Resistance Museum in Amsterdam and was opened there [...]

November 2005


The Gay Encyclopedia of the Netherlands was published

November 2004


The Love Exiles Foundation was established in Amsterdam

November 2003

History of IHLIA – 2003

- On the 14th of November, IHLIA celebrates Homodok’s 25 years of existence - IHLIA receives funds in the framework of Homosexual Redress Second World War. This money was spent on further reconstruction of the [...]

November 2002

November 2001

History of IHLIA – 2001

- The Gay Platform Fryslan was established. Participating parties were De Kringen, Gay Choir Onder Anderen, the GHJC, the Religion and Homosexuality Working Party, Orpheus Foundation and the Anna Blaman House. The latter became chairperson. - [...]


- Same-Sex Civil Marriage and Adoption Act. See the final texts of the act (in Dutch) - Memorandum by the second Kok cabinet about pink: memorandum about a gay-emancipation policy (PDF). The gay movement was not [...]

November 2000


- The Dutch Lower House adopted a bill for same-sex civil marriage and adoption. The minor right wing parties and the CDA (with the exception of Gerda Verburg and Joop Wijn) voted against the bill, the [...]

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