Handy and quick searches using your own account

To simplify your visit to the IHLIA website, you can request an IHLIA account. The personal login offers a number of advantages:

Your personal data will be handled with utmost confidentiality and will be used only for ‘MY IHLIA’ applications.

Digital access

Although the availability of online materials will be expanded in the future, it is not possible (yet) to view the collection online with an IHLIA account. Due to privacy and copyright issues.

An exception to this is the Open Up! collection. A project of IHLIA about the history of LGBT emancipation and development in mainly Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. This collection therefore only contains material that relates to this region.

Helpful to know concerning the peruse of the Open Up! collection

Documents from the Open Up! collection are specially marked in the search results. To read these full text you first have to request an IHLIA account (see form below).

NOTE: Due to privacy and copyright issues there are consequences for the extent to which you can access the material. Therefore IHLIA Open Up! makes the collection accessible through two tiers:

– Tier 1: Public. You only need an IHLIA account; see form below.

– Tier 2: LGBT community and researchers. For access you need to fill out an extra form. We will ask about your motivation to see the material.

The tier 2 application form is only accessible if you have an IHLIA account and are logged in. After sending the form, we will process your request asap.

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