Never in the closet again!

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Project Description

Homosexuality is accepted in large parts of Dutch society. But not everywhere. Pink seniors in care centers, for example, cannot always be themselves and live in openness. It often happens that they go back ‘into the closet’.

The exhibition Never in the closet again – which was shown in some twenty residential care centers in Amsterdam after the exhibition at IHLIA – provides a glimpse into the lives of fourteen older gay women and men. Lives in which homosexuality is an important but not the only aspect. The exhibition is the continuation of the life story project of IHLIA, in which volunteers recorded the life stories of pink elderly people. A number of these stories – and the photos they illustrate – form the basis for the exhibition Never in the closet again.

The exhibition consists of 14 roll up banners, each with its own life story and an introduction banner, and is also available in poster format. The exhibition is very suitable to be shown at different locations at the same time, as a so-called relay exhibition. If desired, different types of accompanying meetings can be organized: from festive to more serious, but always entertaining.

For more information about this exhibition and the possibilities you can contact the exhibition coordinator Hannah van Herk:

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