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Project Description

Homosexuality throughout all times

Jamai is one, Angelina Jolie is one, Sara Kroos is one, Paul de Leeuw is one, Claudia de Breij is one, Winfried Baijens is one, Sipke Jan Bousema is one, Barbara Barend is one. Perhaps you did not know it or you had not expected it, but the people mentioned above are all homosexual. In our time, homosexuality is seen as something quite normal. Everyone has heard of a famous Dutch person who is homosexual or someone in your own circle who is gay. In recent years, it has become increasingly easier to talk about homosexuality.

Nine older homosexuals were willing to cooperate on this project. They were interviewed extensively by the students and fragments from these interviews were integrated into the educational material about life stories of Friesian homosexuals in the 20th century (site is in Dutch).

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