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Queering the Collections (QtC) is a network of cultural professionals, researchers, and local government representatives, collaborating to increase the collection, interpretation, and exhibition of queer heritage and histories in the Netherlands.

QtC began in 2014, launched by IHLIA, Reinwardt Academy, Amsterdam Museum, and ICOM / Comcol (International Council of Museums) and Commission of Collecting_ in cooperation with Joeri Kempen. The group organized an international symposium in March 2015, focused on raising awareness of LGBTQI heritage in non LGBTQI cultural institutions, primarily libraries, archives, and museums.

In 2016, key insights from the symposium were published in Queering the Collections: tips & tricks voor het nog zichtbaarder maken van gender- & seksuele diversiteit in musea en collecties.  

The advisory board

Network members have met regularly since September 2015 and have established an advisory board to develop longterm plans. The advisory board meets monthly, with 4 meetings per year which are open to the broader network as well as anyone else interested in joining the activities.

Members develop independent as well as collaborative projects, support student research, provide guest lectures and presentations, and author publications.

The network currently includes representatives of thirty organizations, as well as individuals working independently in the cultural sector or researching queer heritage and histories. Anyone interested in participating, in joining the mailing list, or in sharing news of their own relevant activities to the QtC group is invited to contact the coordinator at queering@ihlia.nl

The Queering the collections Netwerk consists of 35 members. The advisory board consist of:

Thijs Boers

Curator, Amsterdam Museum




Riemer Knoop

Professor Cultural Heritage, Reinwardt Academie




Mirella Gelauf

Head of Collections, Stadsarchief Amsterdam





Lonneke van den Hoonaard

Managing Director, IHLIA




Manon Parry

Assistant Professor, Public History UvA




Kevin Schram

program coordinator, Queering the Collections Network


Mission statement

QtC aims to foster the wider public acceptance of sexual and gender diversity by finding, studying, interpreting and showcasing records, heritage, and histories of the lives of LGBTQI individuals and their communities in our society’s memory institutions: archives, museums and libraries.

We believe universal human rights should include recognition, respect and freedom of sexual and gender diverse expression and behavior, and that these cultural institutions can play a crucial role in fostering these values.

Institutions Currently Represented / New Members

Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam Gay Pride, Atria, Bijbels Museum, Café ’t Mandje, Castrum Peregrini, CBK Zuidoost, City of Amsterdam, COC Amsterdam, IHLIA, Imagine IC, izi.TRAVEL, Jonge Historici, Muzeaal Verhalen, Museum Van Loon, Museumn8, Nieuwe Kerk, Oude Wasgoed, Pride Photo Award, Reinwardt Academy, Rijksmuseum, Stadsarchief Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum, University of Amsterdam/MA in Public History, UvA Special Collections, Van Abbe Museum.
International institutions: EHESS Paris.

QtC also welcomes the following new members: Van Gogh Museum, Van Gisteren.

All cultural institutions are invited to the general network meetings, as well as individuals working in the cultural sector, students, and others interested in supporting the work of the network.

Representatives of the Amsterdam Museum, IHLIA, University of Amsterdam/MA in Public History Reinwardt Academy, COC Amsterdam, and Stadsarchief currently participate in the Advisory Board, meeting monthly to discuss ongoing projects and prepare new material/updates for the quarterly general network meetings.