Join us With Pride | The Diversity / Inclusion Toolkit

Introducing a Queer Approach | Friday February 8 | 19.30 – 21.30

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Diversity and inclusion are hot topics. Many institutions are eager to develop an inclusive and diverse approach to their organizations and collections, but don’t yet know how.

This evening we’ll talk about inclusiveness and host a workshop on how to approach inclusion and diversity from the perspective of a cultural institution. What are institutions missing? And what are the long term goals?

Marisa Miller

Designer and Queering the Collection-member Marisa Miller will join the OBA to introduce some of the activities tied to the Queer Constituency at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven. The Queering the Collection NL is a network working towards intersectional diversity at different cultural institutions in the Netherlands. On this particular evening Marisa Miller will guide the workshop by introducing the Inclusion/Diversity Process and open up a moment to explore the current possibilities and potential pitfalls of such an approach.


Many cultural institutions are eager to develop an inclusive and diverse approach, but don’t yet know how. The network is developing an Inclusion/Diversity Process and Queer Toolkit through which museums can discover and address their own blind spots. This process is based on an assumption: that no institutions are adequately inclusive. The Inclusion/Diversity Process evaluates the hard facts and the soft values in the institutions such as collection display, what is mentioned in the Mission Statement, and how staff and visitors experience (lack of) inclusion.

Goal of the evening is to present the Queer Toolkit process as it is, and make sure to open it up for critique and questioning. Our own focus is to gather suggestions, stories and anecdotes from the community and determine what is missing in the toolkit, what long term goals to aim for and how to achieve the inclusive cultural institution.

Language: English

When: Friday February 8
Where: OBA Oosterdok – Room 3.2 (third floor)
Time: 19:30 – 21:30

Entrance: Free

Make sure you’re there on time because we have only limited seats!

The Queer Toolkit is a ‘Queering the Collections’ initiative in collaboration with STUDIO i – platform for inclusive culture

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