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Exploring black lesbian sexualities and identities in Johannesburg  / Zethu Matebeni.

Johannesburg: University of Witwatersrand, 2011 - 307 p.
edition: Johannesburg : University of Witwatersrand, 2011 - 307 p.
  1. seksuele identiteiten
  2. homoseksualiteit
resume: Exploring black lesbian sexualities and identities is a multifaceted in-­depth ethnographic study of black urban lesbian life in contemporary South Africa. This study, which focuses on lesbian women aged between 17 and 40 years, reads the term lesbian as both a political and a theoretical project. It speaks to current concerns, which raise questions related to the politics of inclusion/exclusion, love, sexuality, identity politics, violence, style and urban space while sensitively giving agency to women's narratives. In many ways, it enriches and challenges conventional gay and lesbian studies and studies on sexuality in Africa by bringing meaning to the complex interplay between space, style, erotic practice and sexuality. It further illustrates the flexible practices and variable notions of sex, sexuality and gender categories. At the same time it tackles the precarious and painful position of black lesbian women whose lives are an ongoing maneuvering and negotiation between a potentially hostile or violent environment and a country with constitutional protections. The political and theoretical imperative of the study is evident in the representations of black lesbians as occupying subject positions in which they determine the structures and meanings of their lives. Their narratives show that they inhabit the world actively, not only as victims or in relation to others, but also as conscious subjects that make meanings of their lives: subjects who are actively and critically engaging with the world we inhabit.

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dgb grijs

Exploring black lesbian sexualities and identities in Johannesburg
cat. (mateb/exp)dgb grijs

Sexing women : young black lesbians' reflexions on sex and responses to safe(r) sex  / Zethu Matebeni.

resume: Women in same-sex relationships exist in societies that are laden with heterosexuality, sexism and, in some situations, homophobia. Such societies inhibit women's right and opportunity to develop and shape their own identities and freely practise their sexual preferences. There are various ways in which 'lesbian' is defined and these definitions point to the fact that women's same-sex practices do not necessarily fit neatly in a 'lesbian' category. The question of lesbian identity or who the lesbian is and what 'lesbian' means, has not yet been sufficiently explored in South Africa. This chapter looks at sexual identities among a group of women who self-identify as lesbian or homosexual, and how their sexual identities affect their sexuality and their dicisions around sex.

signature: dgb artikelen (mateb/sex)

Sexing women : young black lesbians' reflexions on sex and responses to safe(r) sex
dgb artikelen (mateb/sex)
Zethu Matebeni.
In: From Social Silence to Social Science / ed. by Vasu Reddy, Theo Sandfort, Laetitia Rispel. - Cape Town : HSRC Press. - p. 100-116.

"I thought we are safe" : Southern African lesbians : Experiences of living with HIV  / Zethu Matebeni ... [et al.].

Culture, Health & Sexuality, 15 (2013) (jul), p. S34-S47
source: Culture, Health & Sexuality year: 15 (2013)(jul), p. S34-S47
resume: HIV-prevention and service programmes have long either ignored or overlooked lesbians. The experiences of lesbians with HIV have similarly been unrecognised and unreported. This erasure has contributed to the invisibility of lesbians in relation to HIV and related health risks. This community participatory study, based on in-depth interviews with 24 self-identifying African lesbians living with HIV in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia, focuses on their personal experiences and circumstances. Women's experiences shed light and challenge popular notions around lesbian risk. In particular among this group are lesbians who self-report exclusive sexual relationships with women. For these women, experiences of living with HIV are challenging as they struggle to understand the possibility of female-to-female transmission. While battling with their own perceptions of invulnerability and accepting their HIV-positive status, they have to deal also with wide-ranging misconceptions about risk. The paper argues that within the context of HIV, lesbians cannot be regarded as a 'no-risk' group. Health services and health providers are encouraged to respond to the health needs of lesbians living with HIV.

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dgb artikelen (mateb/red)

"I thought we are safe" : Southern African lesbians : Experiences of living with HIV
ts. dgb artikelen (mateb/red)
Zethu Matebeni ... [et al.].
Culture, Health & Sexuality

Vela Bambhentsele : Intimacies and Complexities in Researching Within Black Lesbian Groups in Johannesburg  / Zethu Matebeni.

Feminist Africa (2008) 11, p. 89-96
source: Feminist Africa (2008) 11 , p. 89-96
resume: Gay and lesbian people have been on the social, legal and political agenda for some time. Post-apartheid South Africa has boldly included gay and lesbian rights in the transition to democracy. Most recently, same-sex marriages have been legalised even though widely challenged. While there is much talk about gay and lesbian rights, for many lesbian women these rights are merely paper rights as women struggle to cope and live with the challenges of a society with rampant inequalities. Furthermore, gay and lesbian people continue to face resistance from a society entrenched with patriarchy and notions of homosexuality as "unAfrican". I embarked on a study to investigate the lives of black lesbian women in Gauteng. Throughout the study, I had to negotiate my own position as my identities and sexuality continue to be influenced by the people who inform my research. I am interested in what it means to be engaged in doing research in areas that have been considered taboo, unresearched or working with those who have been represented in ways that limit their agency.

signature: dgb artikelen (mateb/vel)

Vela Bambhentsele : Intimacies and Complexities in Researching Within Black Lesbian Groups in Johannesburg
dgb artikelen (mateb/vel)
Zethu Matebeni.
Feminist Africa


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