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Performing Archives of Passing, Moving Bodies across Language  / Heather Hermant.

Tusaaji: A Translation Review, 2 (2013) 2, p. 26-41
source: Tusaaji: A Translation Review year: 2 (2013) 2 , p. 26-41
resume: This experimental travelogue of a journey through process narrates research-creation work dealing with an eighteenth century "multicrosser," Esther Brandeau/Jacques La Fargue, purportedly a Jewish female passing as Christian male and the first (known) Jewish arrival in what is now called Canada. Outed on both counts and deported, this historical figure moved across many axes of differentiation simultaneously. This movement, these multiple simultaneous passings, and the fractured evidence that erupts this life into knowability, dictate particular ways of working in order to translate a French colonial interrogation record into the colonial present. This paper describes the complexity of translating the first black box theatre production to contend with this story, ribcage: this wide passage by Heather Hermant, into French as thorax : une cage en ├ęclats (translated by Nadine Desrochers). The author situates this practice-as-research within debates about body as archive and what constitutes knowledge, and proposes performance-as-research as a realm in which a "new intersectionality" might best be elaborated, and body as translator/ion across languages and genres, temporalities and spatialities.

signature: dgb artikelen (herman/per)

Performing Archives of Passing, Moving Bodies across Language
dgb artikelen (herman/per)
Heather Hermant.
Tusaaji: A Translation Review


( AU:heather hermant )

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