Op deze plek houden we je graag op de hoogte van aangekondigde lezingen, conferenties, tentoonstellingen en activiteiten van bijvoorbeeld universiteitsvakgroepen met een link naar lhbti en wetenschap.




AMSTERDAM | 8 juli – 2 augustus 2018 | Amsterdam Roeterseiland Campus

Summer school

Summer Institute on Sexuality, Culture and Society

The study of human sexuality involves understanding its complexity and how it represents changing interactions over time involving the self, the body, culture, and power — and as well, how this complexity is conceptualized and organized culturally, politically and epistemologically.

AMSTERDAM | 1 augustus 2018 | Stadhuis Amsterdam


LHBTI kunnen zijn is een mensenrecht

Als lhbti’er kun je te maken krijgen met discriminatie op grond van je seksuele voorkeur, genderidentiteit, genderexpressie of lichamelijke seksediversiteit. Hoe kan je vanuit het mensenrechtenperspectief de situatie van lhbti’s in Nederland versterken?

Tijdens de conferentie staat in de Boekmanzaal een fototentoonstelling opgesteld over roze ouderen en het homomonument. Dit zijn tentoonstellingen van IHLIA.

DEN HAAG | 30 juli – 8 augustus 2018 | Leiden University

Summer school

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in International Law

This school focuses on SOGI issues in different areas of international law, such as human rights law, refugee law and international criminal law. Special attention will be given to important test-cases that have helped achieve some international protection against homophobia and transphobia. Themes include: use of international law in SOGI activism and litigation, global and regional mechanisms, sexual and gender minorities in refugee law, and international criminal law and persecution of LGBT persons.

NIJMEGEN | 13 – 17 augustus 2018 | Radboud University

Summer school

Gender and Diversity: Core Concepts in Society and Science

Radboud Social and Cultural Research hosts leading research on gender inequality and diversity dynamics. The interdisciplinary course Gender & Diversity: core concepts in society and science, is based on RU’s state-of-the-art research and provides an advanced introduction to gender and diversity in social science in an intensive one-week programme. The course will be team-taught by nine highly acknowledged faculty members from a range of disciplinary perspectives. This course is designed as an ‘advanced introduction’; it (1) starts with explaining core concepts and approaches in gender and diversity studies, but goes beyond introductory textbook knowledge; it (2) introduces an intersectionality perspective, with which we can start to analyse the social construction of gender, class, race, ethnicity and sexuality in historical and contemporary debates in society and science; and (3) uses accessible language, while challenging participation in thinking very critically of our knowledge, practices and perspectives.

BELGRADO, SERVIE | 20 – 25 augustus 2018 | IPAK.CENTAR

Summer school

For sexualities, cultures, and politics

Summer school organized by Research Center for Cultures, Politics and Identities (IPAK.Center), Belgrade, Serbia and Department for Critical Political Studies (Faculty for Media and Communications, Singidunum Univeristy, Belgrade)

UTRECHT | 27 – 31 augustus 2018 | Utrecht University

Summer school

The NOISE 2018 Summer School: Social and Political Suffocations

The 26th edition of the NOISE Summer School seeks to address experiences of social and political suffocations, as well as accompanying strategies of resistance, through a series of lectures by scholars and activists who are all also embodied practitioners in their critical practice(s). With these, the five-day program of NOISE 2018 will offer innovative interventions into the debate on political involvement as theory and embodied practice, as well as a discussion of strategies of organizing in the face of individual, institutional and structural enclosures.

AMSTERDAM | 21 september 2018; 14.15 – 15.15 | Universiteit van Amsterdam


Nice to Meet You; An introduction to gender and sexuality at the FMG

How are gender-neutral toilets, headscarf debates, working mothers, lipstick lesbians, sexual intimidation at festivals, Trump, underrepresentation of women in political leadership, Gay Pride, and more, interrelated, or not? 

Nice to meet you: we are professors focusing on gender & sexuality at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (in the departments of anthropology, GPIO, political science and sociology), and we will present you with short pitches that show why gender & sexuality is not only interesting, relevant and important to understand our society, other cultures, and ourselves, but also why it is one of the most inspiring themes in the social sciences.

AMSTERDAM | 21 september 2018; 15.30 – 17.00 | Universiteit van Amsterdam


The Children of Harvey Milk: How LGBTQ Politicians Changed the World

The gay rights movement has achieved social transformation at a dizzying pace, upending conventional views on sex, love, marriage, the family, and equality itself. While most scholars understand the movement as a broad-based social movement, Andrew Reynolds argues that the most important catalyst of gay rights is often overlooked: individuals.

AMSTERDAM | 10 oktober 2018 | Universiteit van Amsterdam


2e Congres LGBTI onderzoek in de lage landen; State-of-the-art en een blik op de toekomst

Op 10 oktober vindt in Amsterdam de tweede editie plaats van het Vlaams-Nederlands netwerk LGBTI onderzoek. Het congres beoogt een interdisciplinaire uitwisseling. Het doel van het congres is onderzoekers en andere belangstellenden op de hoogte te houden van actueel LGBTI onderzoek in Nederland en Vlaanderen.

Onderzoekers worden uitgenodigd om lopend onderzoek of reflecties op lgbti-onderzoek te presenteren. Abstracts kunnen worden ingediend voor presentaties van huidig onderzoek, panelsessies rondom thematische, methodologische of theoretische vraagstukken of interactieve sessies waarin een specifiek onderwerp of kwestie actief plenair in een sessie wordt besproken (bv publiceren, meten, bereiken doelgroepen, beleidsagenda). Keynote speakers zijn prof. dr. Ilan Meyer en prof. dr. Theo Sandfort.

AMSTERDAM | 4 – 6 juli 2019 | Universiteit van Amsterdam


European Conference on Politics & Gender Amsterdam 2019

ECPG offers a platform for exchange and dialogue about how understanding gender is central to understand politics and where diversity and plurality in analytical perspectives and methodologies is enhanced. At ECPG, the field of gender and politics is broadly conceived to include any gender, sexuality and intersectional perspectives in political science, international relations, political theory and philosophy, research methods, public policy and public administration, and social movements. ECPG is keen to engage as well with research on race and intersectionality, sexuality, on men and the masculine and those who identify as non-binary, genderqueer or intersex.